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Gig Talents

Gig Talents by R . Siddharthan

economy is a temporary work system based on short-term relationship between
talents and organisation. Talents perform gigs, in which they are employed for
a specific task or time and they get paid for gigs.

talents are those who simply don’t want or need full-time employment or those who
are searching for full-time employment but need to earn while they job-hunt.

Interestingly, it’s the youngest and the oldest talents —
boomers and Gen Z — are positive towards gig as they feel it gives them flexibility with reasonable stability. The
middle two groups — Gen Y and Gen X — are most lukewarm.

it is projected that gig talents will comprise half the workforce by2020, and
as much as 80% by 2030.

a country that is well on its way to establishing a strong
gig economy…

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