Boost Your Weekly Mood: Starting with Monday


Samantha Weiss

Monday has a reputation problem. Even if you absolutely love your career, making the transition from your own weekend schedule to getting up early and commuting back to the office can feel like a chore. But there are small ways to make a Monday mood better, or at least more bearable. Here are tips to starting your week on the right foot and avoid a case of “the Mondays.”

Keep a regular sleep cycle 

Your mind may know the difference between weekdays and weekend, but your body doesn’t. Your circadian rhythm will try to keep any routine you train it to follow. If you sleep late for two days on the weekends, don’t be surprised if it’s harder to get to sleep on Sunday night and you feel groggy on Monday morning. Keep a regular sleep schedule on the weekends and it will be easier to get up when your…

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