If anyone is harassing me, I can report the incident only to myself

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I post six hours a day to every media outlet I am able to find. This has resulted in about 30,000 views each month. That results in about fifty cents per day in ad revenue. I’m rolling in success.


As freelance travel writers, we are quite fortunate to have the liberty to work for anyone in any part of the world while residing in any geography

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Make use of this advantage by pitching to clients in countries that are offering travel writing work. While the coronavirus numbers tell us one story, reality speaks another. When the UK was peeking its hospital capacity and the outlook seemed grim, I surprisingly got a chance to write for a London-based AirBnB management services company. Do not let all the morose news bring your spirits low. Many countries are opening tourism again. A bunch of European nations, some South-East Asian islands and parts of Africa will soon be launching their travel campaigns. (Now you know where to start pitching. 😉 )


Being blessed enough to wake up and look forward to going to work, working from home or just the day in general is one of the best feelings in life

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I speak from current experience! Right now, I’m completing a travel writing internship. And let me tell you, I absolutely adore it. I’ve always had a passion for writing and my wanderlust is never-ending, so combining the two seemed like a no-brainer for me. The feeling of waking up in the morning and being excited about what destination I’m going to write about next makes me feel very thankful. It also makes me feel very thankful that I’m able to connect with and inspire others through writing. That’s certainly where I feel like I’m fulfilling part of my purpose!